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Corporate National Sales Meeting

alphabroder’s largest internal event of the year. This annual meeting combines the sales team, executive team, and national suppliers for four days of team building, training, and awards.

“Kate and her team do a phenomenal job of planning, coordinating and facilitating our national sales meetings.  We have used Stockton & Partners for years because they are so reliable, creative and accommodating.  They have become an indispensable part of our key meeting events.”- Dan Pantano, President, alphabroder

“Simply stated, we will not host a major event unless Kate Stockton and her team are involved. Over several years and many events, they’ve proven their incredible value in the ability to produce events, which are unparalleled within our company’s history and within our industry. The service they provide to key stakeholders within our company has become a standard for our own customer service and support functions. They are incredible, so our events are incredible.” - Chris Blakeslee, Vice President of Sales, alphabroder

Challenge: Create an exciting annual sales meeting complete with a supplier expo, team building, and banquet awards ceremony. In addition, a special focus on strengthening various aspects of employee performance is incorporated into the programming based on the client’s needs each year.

Solution: Each year the meeting kicks off with an opening session and speech by a keynote speaker. Following the opening session, the alphabroder team splits up for departmental breakouts and supplier sessions. After a long day of work the team enjoys a delicious meal either in the hotel’s extravagant ballroom or out on the town, at various local restaurants. After dinner, team members can kickback and relax in one of the themed lounges set up throughout the hotel. The next few days are dominated by an expansive supplier expo, where team members can meet with supplier representatives, learn about new products, and improve their sales techniques. At night, the fun begins with a one-of-a-kind team building event! In the past the alphabroder team has strengthened their communication and collaboration skills with outdoor challenges, high ropes courses, boat building, chili cook-offs, scavenger hunts, song writing and performances, and more! After the winner of the team building challenge has been announced, celebrations commence over an extravagant banquet and award ceremony.


Services Provided:

  • VIP Management
  • Venue Search: Selection and Management
  • Staffing
  • Meeting Planning: Speaker Selection and Management
  • Shipping and Trucking Management
  • Security
  • Registration: Online and On-site
  • Menu Design/Food and Beverage Management
  • Logistics Planning and Execution
  • Labor Management
  • Itinerary and Schedule Design
  • Ground Transportation
  • General Session Production and Design
  • Exhibitor Management
  • Contract Negotiation: Hotel, Vendors and Talent
  • Content Creation and Scripting
  • Budgeting: From Proposal to Final Reconciliation
  • A/V and Lighting
Produced annually from 2010-2016